Guidelines for Recommencing of Sunday Service at Korean Church of Brussels

Notice regarding the recommencement of the Sunday service

As the Belgian government began to relax the lockdown protocols, it became possible to have gatherings (including church worship services) of up to 100 people from June 8, 2020, and gatherings of up to 200 people from July onwards. This, however, is only permitted under the condition that social distancing, keeping of personal hygiene, and all required practices related to the containment of COVID-19 are kept in force. This means that baptisms, communions, and other rituals that require physical contact still remain prohibited.

As it is widely known, the government’s move to ease the lockdown protocols does not mean the end of threat from COVID-19. Considering how many are still succumbing to the virus, and how there are physical challenges in terms of gathering safely in the church building, it yet remains difficult for us to return back to the normal church services and activities that we had before the pandemic breakout.

Korean Church of Brussels is currently preparing to recommence its Sunday morning service at the church building. From July 5, a limited number of participants may attend the live service at the main hall. For those who cannot attend the church service due to limits of space and concerns for safety, we are also preparing an online service to be held in parallel with the live service.

General guidelines

  • Service format
    The service starts at 10.50am on Sunday morning at the main hall. Those who cannot attend the service physically are kindly asked to join the service at their homes through the live video feed which will be broadcasted at the same time.

  • Number of service participants
    In consideration to the pandemic containment measures and the nation-wide protocols, the number of people that may physically participate in the church service will be limited to a maximum of 40 people. A list of names and a seat map for those who wish to physically participate in the service will be drawn at an earlier date, and on Sunday, these people will then be asked to attend the service at their pre-designated seats in the main hall.

  • Service participants
    The elderly, toddlers, and those who are particularly vulnerable to the virus, as well as those who are not feeling well or are running a fever, and those who either have or are suspected to have come in contact with someone with COVID-19 are kindly asked not to participate in the service physically but via the live broadcast.

  • Using masks
    From the moment you enter the church building, you must keep your masks on at all times until you leave the church. (In principle, everyone should procure your own masks, but the church will reserve a number of masks just in case).

  • Personal hygiene
    Please use the hand sanitizer installed at the church as you enter the building and use it as often as it is needed.

  • Maintaining social distance
    1. Greeting: Greet one another at a distance without having physical contact.Please stay at your own allocated seats in order to maintain safe social distancing within the main hall.
    2. Even when welcoming fellow congregation members, all interactions must be done at a proper distance with no physical contact.
    3. Please avoid activities where safe social distancing is difficult. Also, food and beverages will not be provided.

  • Using the church facility
    1. Only the lobby floor is open for access. Entry to the kitchen, childcare room, and side guestroom is not allowed.
    2. The use of toilets is not allowed. If necessary, however, entry is limited to one person at a time. Before entering, please wait a while after the previous person has fully exited the toilet.
    3. In order to prevent touching of door handles, all doors must be kept open.
    4. No trash bins will be installed at the church. Please dispose your trash at home.

Guidelines for entering the main hall

  1. Church entrance: Enter the church via the designated entrance. (Door located at the front terrace).
  2. Temperature check: All church visitors will be checked for temperature (a non-contact thermometer is used) and for symptoms of coughing and/or sore throat. If such symptoms are present, you will then be asked to return home immediately.
  3. Seat confirmation: You can confirm your pre-designated seat here.
  4. Hall entrance: Enter the main hall directly and pray at your appointed seat as you prepare for the service.

Guidelines for exiting the main hall

  1. When the service has ended, please leave the church in an orderly fashion via the designated exit located at the back of the main hall that leads to the parking lot.
  2. If needed, converse with your fellow congregation members at the parking lot while keeping a safe social distance.

Guidelines regarding the Sunday service

  1. Bible: Please bring your own bibles as the ones at the church will not be provided.
  2. Handout: Program handouts will not be provided. You may print or refer to them yourselves as they will be uploaded on the church website.
  3. Offering: We will not be collecting offerings during the service. Instead, we ask that you give your offerings via wire transfer to the church bank account posted on the handout and the church homepage. If necessary, however, please put in your offerings in the offering box installed at the main hall entrance.
  4. The praise and worship from the choir and the rituals (baptism and communion) will be temporarily suspended.
  5. To ensure air circulation within the main hall, front and back doors and windows will be kept open throughout the service. (This may change due to weather conditions).
  6. Seat designation at the main hall: Please take your seats according to the seat number indicated on the benches. Two family members may share a bench together. (E.g., 1-1, 1-2).

< Example of the seat map >


Quarantining/Disinfecting the facility before and after the Sunday service

  1. Range: All occupied spaces will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before use. This includes all surfaces touched by adults and children alike, such as door handles, light switches, and seats.
  2. Time: The disinfection will be done after every Sunday service. Before the service, it is checked if the church is sufficiently equipped with hand sanitizers, wet tissues, and other preparatory measures.
  3. Person-in-charge: A person-in-charge will be designated for each Sunday by the men’s group.

Securing the list of names of service participants

  1. The group leader collects the list of names of those who wish to physically participate in the church service and reports it to the worship service team by Saturday 2pm.
  2. The list of names is collated and the final list of service participants are decided. (If the number of registrants exceed 40, the number is then adjusted according to group priority).
  3. The finalized list and its seat map are distributed by the worship service team to the congregation via group leaders.
  4. No external visitor or any church member who did not receive confirmation for his/her participation may enter the main hall. (In the case of unannounced guest(s), he/she will be kindly asked to hold the service via the live broadcast at the fellowship hall while keeping a safe social distance).