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2006-10-05 20:37
Dear Friends,

At last here is my newsletter. I would also like to remind you of my email addresses: and

Isaiah 40.31; But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

This verse from Isaiah reflects my last 4 months. We went out with many teams to share the Gospel in many regions of Romania. In the 14 years I have been in Romania, this summer has been the one which was filled most with activities. But God renewed our strength after each event. It is a big encouragement that the evangelistic outreach done by the student group from the University of Timisoara will continue in the future under the wings of YfC Romania.

Once more, I thank you for your prayers, which are a big support to me.

On Friday September 8th 17 people went on a night prayer march from Friday to Saturday, in order to ask for intercession for our evangelistic concert that took place in Arad. For more than 7 hours and over 33 km, we prayed and sang. We were very tired and got blisters on our feet, but the personal sacrifices were a demonstration of how important and dear the people, to whom we reach out, are to us. The seven hours of marching, praying, fatigue and tiredness were a real blessing to me. Proclaiming the Gospel requires in the first place preparation in prayer, as the following verses from the letter to the Ephesians tells us:

Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Eph. 6, 11-12).

And this is why I want to thank you once more for your prayers.

The last week of August and the first ten days of September, I suffered from a permanent headache. One moment I thought a blood vessel had broken as I felt a constant pressure on the right side of my brain. But for a few days I haven't felt any pain anymore. In August I slept a lot in my minibus, but not very well. That is probably one explanation for my headache. But thanks to God, my health is very well at the moment.

A big thank you, to those who have given craft material, toys and other items for our several outreaches. All your gifts have proven to be very useful. You have made many children and youngsters happy with these presents. Also a big thank you, to the person, who gave us a portable sound system. I used it a lot during the evangelistic campaigns in many villages. And thanks to the generator, we were able to share the Gospel during mini concerts in many places with electricity.

Below is a brief synopsis of the missionary work since June:

01-06 June: I visited Belgium for one week. I managed to see many friends and to pick up your gifts and food. I also visited the church in Ans-Alleur where I presented an overview of my work in Romania.

11 June: In Arad, a friend of mine from church and myself, organised an evangelistic concert. About 450 youngsters came to listen to the Gospel.

12-22 June: we worked with youngsters from church on the renovation of the coffee bar and of our YfC Romania office.

24 June - 08 July: 7 youngsters and one couple from Denmark came to help us in the coffee bar and the YfC office. In the morning and the afternoon we renovated the roof. We were obliged to take off everything and start almost from scratch. In the afternoons and evenings we went to Vladimirescu where we shared the Gospel with young gypsies and also organised games and craftwork.

15 July: Evangelistic outreach in the village of Sanleani. Mini-concert, sketches, ice cream party and a film about the testimony of a young Christian born without arms or legs. A wonderful testimony.

17-23 July: camp for 32 gypsy youngsters. We went to a Christian camp in the village of Baiesti with a Romanian family and three Danish youngsters. We went for numerous walks in the surroundings hills. All those gypsies have been taken care of over the past year by this Romanian family, of whom I have spoken in my previous newsletters. It was a wonderful experience for many of those adolescents. For many, it was the first time they had left their village. A few asked to which country we were going. 300 km for some of them is travelling to another country.

24-25 and 29-30 July: camp with youngsters from my church. I could only attend the first two and the last two days as I had to prepare the evangelistic campaigns of August. To participate in the camp, youngsters had to invite a non-Christian friend. The scheduled programmed contained: games, sports, bible study, film, music and sunbathing. It was a perfect framework to share the Gospel and to show that the life of a young Christian is not a sober monastery life.

31 July -6 August: evangelistic outreach in Oltenia, in southern Romania. With a student team of YfC Romania, altogether 34 youngsters, we went to help 4 small churches in the neighbourhood. With the help of 18 theology students from Bucharest we have been regularly helping these 4 churches over the past year. We share the Gospel, not only through verbal proclamation, but merely by showing how God acts in our personal lives. And therefore it is important that youngsters see how we live our daily lives and that they get to know us step by step. During the campaign, we organised bible studies, informatics courses, English classes, games and sports for the adolescents during the daytime. In the evening we organised concerts and preached the Gospel in open air, in several villages, for youngsters and adults.

13 August: evangelistic concert in the small village of Hateg. The local church asked me to organise a concert to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its first baptism. More than 1000 people showed up in the central park.

17-27 August: second evangelistic campaign in the region of Dobroja with the student team of JPC Romania, this time consisting of 36 youngsters. We helped two tiny home churches in Balcescu and Kogalicianu. Both communities comprise of less than 10 Christians. The Dobroja region is located in the very east of Romania. It's a region where the Orthodox Church does not accept the presence of evangelical protestant churches. We experienced great difficulty to rent halls for our activities for adolescents and youngsters. Several times, after having found a hall, we received the same evening a phone call telling us that the local orthodox priest had put pressure on the mayor to forbid us to rent the hall concerned. But by God's grace we found two halls of which the owners were willing to offer them to us despite pressure from those orthodox priests.

In these two villages we organised bible studies, information technology courses, English classes, games and sports for the adolescents during the daytime. In the evening we organised concerts and preached the Gospel in the open air, in several villages, for youngsters and adults. Same programme as in Oltenia. We were very surprised that people were so open to the Gospel. Every evening we had very good discussions after the small concerts. On Sunday, youngsters and adults came to visit the two home churches. A team of youngsters from Bucharest will go back there every two months in order to keep contact.

31 August - 2 September: We went together with 9 young sportsmen who use wheelchairs to the city of Turda to participate in a tournament organised by a local association. We took part in the athletics, table tennis and chess. During these three days we grew closer together.

4 - 9 September: music festival DRUMFEST in the village of Tauti and in Arad. The first concert turned out very positive. In the holiday resort Tauti we organised 4 evening and 3 night concerts. There weren't that many youngsters, about 100 on each occasion, but the atmosphere was very good, especially during the night concerts between 12 PM and 3 AM, held in the coffee bar. It was also during this week that we made the 7-hour prayer march during the night up to Arad. The concert in Arad was very good. About 1500 youngsters attended the 5-hour concert. A very big sound firm from London came over and offered their services free of charge. During the months of preparation for this concert we had wished that a pastor would preach, but the 3 or 4 candidates were not able to free that evening. And so, each of the 6 bands briefly shared the gospel. It was very nice as, I'm sure, the numerous non-Christian youngsters listened even more attentively to the testimonies of those Christian musicians.

16 September: evangelistic concert in Deva. It was the first time Christians organised an open-air evangelistic concert in this city. Between 600 and 700 youngsters came to listen to the Gospel. In the afternoon, activities for children and adolescents were organised, as well as a seminar about abortion for youngsters and adults.

So! That's a brief overview of the last 4 months. I hope it's not too long to read. Once more, I wish to thank you for your support in prayer and finances. Your faithful support is a big encouragement to me to persevere in this ministry for God.

On my website: , you will find pictures, schedules and a map of Romania, showing the different cities and villages that we have been to.

Your brother in Christ,

Myung Soo Merchie

YfC Romania
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